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Silica fiber fabrics offer optimum performance for the best protection

You need silica fiber fabric with high temperature resistance and good corrosion resistance? Then you do not need to search any further. Hiltex Technical Textiles is an expert in this field. For many years we have been engaged in the production of various products made of heat-resistant technical textiles. Due to high quality, reasonable prices, good service and fast delivery, today we serve customers in more than 60 countries around the world. In addition to silica fiber fabrics, we also develop other products such as glass, aramid and ALF. You can find more about these products on our website.

Silica Fiber Fabric: What are the properties?

Silica fabrics are produced of silica glass yarns with a silicon dioxide percentage of more than 94%. Due to their good properties, silica fiber fabrics are often used as filters for the production of cast iron in composites that require good performance at high temperatures. Therefore:

  • The fabrics are corrosion resistant
  • They have a good electrical insulating ability
  • They are flexible
  • They can be draped at high temperatures
  • They are temperature shock resistant

Silica fiber fabrics are temperature resistant up to 1000 ºC

As these products have a temperature resistance of up to 1000 ºC, they offer excellent protection against high temperatures. They have a low heat capacity, good flame retardancy and low thermal conductivity. Using the best materials ensures optimal performance for the best possible protection! This protection is important in many production processes. We would be happy to tell you more about what protection is needed in different productions.  

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Do you want to get more information about Silica fiber fabrics of Hiltex? Or do you want to know more about the detailed product range? Please contact us for more information or have a look at our website.

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Silica fabrics

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