Aramid Fabric

Yarns & Fabrics:

Hiltex specialises in a wide range of Aramid textiles produced from both Para and Meta-Aramid blends of fibers.

Primarily used for applications requiring high levels of tensile strength and durability, our yarns can be produced from both virgin and re-generated fibers.

Yarns and fabrics in available in several styles, weights and thicknesses

These yarns can be woven in a variety of weights, styles and thicknesses to suit the end application.

All fabrics are supplied in loomstate. To further enhance the properties of the textiles, we process these with a wide range of finishes. Please see our “Coatings and Treatments” section for more detailed information on this.

Felts produced on your request


Our range of felts can be supplied using both virgin and regenerated blends of fibers and in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses. To further enhance the properties of our felts, alternative fibers and blends can also be produced on request.  

Please contact us for our detailed product range!

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