ALF Fabric

ALF Fabric also known as Alumina Fiber

ALF™ is generally called Alumina Fiber. As the composite is 72% Alumina and 28% Silica, we name it Alumina Silica Fiber. The product/yarns are produced as a 7 micron diameter filament and are boron free.

The fiber is boron-free

The 7 micron diameter allows superior flexibility compared to other available materials. Furthermore, because the fiber is boron-free, problems associated with the release of boron gas are not a factor. Performance and durability of Hiltex Alumina Silica Fiber is superior to other products presently available. ALF suffers almost no loss of mechanical strength at temperatures up to 1200º C.

Next to our main products ALF which is boron free we offer a range of products which contains only 2% of Boron  and can be used for applications approaching 1395ºC.

Filament fabrics

135 - 940 gram

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