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Insulation blankets for optimal protection at high temperatures

Insulation blankets? Hiltex Technical Weefsels develops products made of heat-resistant technical textiles. From insulating blankets to welding mats - we deliver them within 24 hours from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands, we often deliver our goods in stock within 48 hours. All products developed by us fulfill your quality requirements. Depending on your wishes and your requirements, we can give you suitable answers to your technical questions. To develop our products, we use different materials. A common option is silica fiber fabrics. This material provides protection at high temperatures, is flexible and offers good electrical insulation properties. Everything for optimal protection.

The Insulation blankets of Hiltex are made of flexible and soft material

Insulating blankets offer excellent thermal insulation, are easy to apply and made of flexible and soft material. Hiltex Technical Weefsels works with different types of silica fiber products:

  • Silica fiber yarns
  • Silica fiber fabric
  • Silica fibers
  • Silica fiber felts
  • Silica fiber knittings

To ensure the best possible functionality, these materials undergo thermal and chemical treatments during the production process. This is done to guarantee the best quality! Silica fiber fabrics are mainly used for blankets. We would like to tell you more about it.

As a manufacturer of insulating blankets, we produce a high quality and safe product at low costs.

Are you curious about the materials we use? And which fabric is resistant in which temperature range? Feel free to contact us at any time with questions about the optimal solution for your specific technical requirements.

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Insulation blankets

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