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We sell Coated fabrics in more than 60 different countries

Do you need coated fabrics? We manufacture different products with Silica, glass , ALF or Aramid fabrics. Hiltex Technical Fabrics is an internationally oriented manufacturer of various products made of heat-resistant technical textiles. What began as a small business in 1987 has become a well-known manufacturer with customers in more than 60 different countries. We supply coated fabrics to customers in various industries. From shipbuilding to the steel industry and aviation. We offer a wide range of materials for insulation and safety. Therefore, there will always be a solution for your problem. Would you like to know what kind of coated fabrics we supply? Then have a look at the products on our website.

One base fabric for coating is E-glass fabric.

When using E-glass it offers the following properties:

  • It has a resistance to high temperatures.
  • It has an excellent heat and sound insulation.
  • E-glass has a great mechanical strength.
  • There are versatile implementation options.

Glass fabrics are ideal as welding protection, fire protection and thermal insulation. Due to the fine filament diameter, end products have good flexibility.

One of the other coated fabrics is aramid.

The fabric aramid is known for their good strength and vibration damping and their high impact resistance.

Aramid fabrics come in different applications with different coatings and laminates. We also have PTFE and laminated fluoroplastic in our product range. This material is flexible, tear-resistant and offers excellent mechanical properties. It is insensitive to damage from chemicals.

If you need more information about coated fabrics, please contact us!

Would you like to know which coated fabrics we can supply? Have a look at our website! Choose among numerous products and coatings. Do you need more information about our products? It is possible to contact us for any more questions!

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Coated fabrics

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