Glass Fabric

Filament fabrics:

Hiltex E-Glass-fabrics are produced from filament yarns with a strong tensile strength and diameter of 6 – 9 µ.

We supply these fabrics in a range of weights from 100 g/m2 to 1050 g/m2 and thicknesses of 0,20 mm up to 1,3 mm

Texturized fabrics:

Where increased levels of heat protection and insulation are required, Hiltex can supply texturized fabrics, produced from texturized yarns with a diameter of 6 – 9 µ.

We can also supply these fabrics in a range of weights from 330 g/m2 to 2000 g/m2 and thicknesses of 0,40 mm up to 3,4 mm.

Wire-reinforced fabrics:

For added strength and durability we can supply wire reinforced (V4A) E-Glass-fabrics produced from both continuous filament and texturised yarns.


The distinguishing properties of Hiltex textiles made from raw materials like E-glass are their perfect resistance to high temperatures, excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, great mechanical strength, versatile implementation possibilities and uncomplicated processing characteristics. The diameter of the Hiltex yarns measures 6 or 9 μm. Because the threads are so fine, final products have good flexibility and will not cause skin irritation. Hiltex Glass textiles made from continuous filament glass yarns are smooth, shiny and soft, and are available in loomstate, coated finish and laminated forms. Because of their large volume, textured Hiltex glass textiles have outstanding insulating characteristics. The Hiltex glass fabric is fluffy and feels like natural fibre textiles to the touch. They can be used in a wide variety of applications, in raw form or treated with a wide variety of coatings. In many cases the Hiltex glass fabric is caramelised (a thermal treatment, also called heat cleaning) to reduce the emission of smoke.

Wide range of finishes of the textiles

All fabrics are supplied in loomstate. To further enhance the properties of the textiles, we process these with a wide range of finishes. Please see our “Coatings and Treatments” section for more detailed information on this.

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