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E-Glass fabrics in the best way developed by Hiltex Technische Weefsels

Do you need E-Glass fabrics for fire protection, thermal insulation or welding protection? Being a manufacturer of heat-resistant technical textiles, Hiltex Technische Weefsels is definitely the right company for such materials. Our products are known worldwide for quality. Glass is a versatile product and a unique textile material. The E-Glass fabrics that we develop are made of E-Glass Yarn. We use this base material because of its following advantageous features:

  • The material has a good resistance to high temperatures.
  • The material has a good mechanical strength.
  • The price of the material is good.

In addition, the final product offers a very good flexibility. This is due to the fine yarn filaments.

E-Glass fabrics made from continuous filament glass yarns

Hiltex E-Glass fabrics are available in various forms. We produce glass textiles from continuous filament glass yarns. Characteristic of this product is that it is shiny, soft and smooth. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from loomstate, coated, finished and laminated forms. The use of these products offers the best performance in your application.

E-Glass fabrics with the best insulating properties?

Hiltex Technische Weefsels uses strong, robust and lightweight material. Therefore, the materials are perfect for the use in your production. Do you want to receive more information about the different types of materials? Feel free to contact us! We are happy to give you more information about the possibilities. We serve customers in more than 60 countries around the world. So why shouldn’t we serve you?

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E-Glass fabrics

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