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About Silica

Silica textiles are highly resistant to corrosion and deterioration caused by chemicals, have good electrical insulation capabilities and remain flexible and drapable at high temperatures. Besides these excellent qualities, silica textiles are resistant to thermal shock, will resist molten metal splashing, welding splatter and direct flame impact. Silica materials are often used as filters in the production of casting acid, and also as moisture-resistant filling in composite materials that require unimpeded performance at high temperatures.

The melting point of silica textiles is above 1600ºC.


Detailed information silica products

There are many types of applications for silica, each one is perfectly qualified for its own field of usage.

  • Silica fabrics – Used primarily for high temperature insulation, thermal protection for several technical branches, blankets, molten metal splash protection, open flame and refractory padding.
  • Silica yarns – These equalized twisted yarns are made in several plies. The yarns are comprised of a collection of hundreds of single continuous filaments. During the production process they are subjected to thermal and chemical treatments to assure superior quality.
  • Silica meshes – These meshes are used for filtering and cleaning of melted materials and are placed directly under the pouring gate of the moulding box.
  • Silica fibre – Chopped silica fibres are used as thermal insulation in a wide variety of applications.
  • Silica felt – This combination of fluffy fibres is frequently used as filler for mattresses and also employed for high temperature thermal insulation and protection.