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PTFE and Laminated Plastics

Laminated Fluor Plastic is an all-PTFE material that is flexible, resistant to tearing and displays superior flexing capabilities compared to other PTFE-products. Because this is an all-PTFE product with excellent mechanical properties, it does not require any compromising reinforcement that might be adversely affected by exposure to chemicals. In laboratory tests and in real-world industrial applications, Laminated Fluor Plastic has been proven impervious to damage from chemical exposure. Regardless of the chemical environment, Laminated Fluor Plastic retains all of its physical properties.

The technology that circumvents inherent shortcomings in conventional perfluoroplastic materials utilizes a cross-pattern lamination process combining a number of layers of specifically oriented PTFE film. The cross-pattern lamination will typically incorporate 3 mil or 4 mil film plies. On occasion, thinner plies will be stacked to create thicker plies, such as a 9 mil or 10 mil plies, for the laminate design.

Laminated Fluor Plastic

Our Laminated Fluor Plastic can be welded with specially designed welding equipment to produce any size needed. Because PFA film is used as an adhesive, the welded parts exhibit the same resistance to chemical exposure. Flexing and folding have no impact on the performance of our product. Our products start where PTFE stops!

Laminated Fluor Plastics can be used as liners, chemical barriers in expansion joints, and flexible covers in base chemical production. Our products are available in standalone versions (100% PTFE) and in a complete range of combined products with textiles. Our product range includes lightweight PTFE/Fibreglass coated products in weights up to 600 grams for insulation pads, PTFE-coated products for dry chemical environments weighing up to 2500 grams, and laminated products with the protective material on either one or two sides for direct contact with liquid and gaseous substances.

We also produce 12.5 mm fibreglass insulation mats bonded to the textile with PTFE. These single-layer products can be used when temperatures will be exceeding 500°C. Due to this unique manufacturing process, complex insulation problems can be solved with a single-layer product. The characteristics of Laminated Fluor Plastics make it possible to manufacture flexible hoses for solvent applications with no risk of collapse.

This technology is appropriate for numerous applications including:
  • Insulation jacketing
  • Release liners
  • Expansion joints
  • Covers for basic chlorine production
  • Flexible seals for basic chlorine production
  • Floating roof seals
  • Flexible ducting
  • Belting
  • Spray shields for flanges
  • Containment layers for environmental protection
  • Ducting
  • Bellows-Tank liners

Ask us to advise you on the solutions we can offer for complex chemical environments.