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E-Glass and silica fabrics can be treated with different coatings or finishes to precisely meet customer specifications. Among the possibilities: reflective or water resistant surfaces, enhanced cut resistance, and increased thermal and mechanical resistance for higher performance in high temperature applications such as welding.

The following types of coatings are available:
  • Synthetic coatings, such as polyurethane or other polymers for welding blankets, curtains and insulation pads.
  • Silicone rubber or PTFE coatings for insulation pads, expansion joints and applications in the chemical industry.
  • Finishes like weavelock, high temperature treatments HT900 and vermiculite coating for welding applications, special finish T1000 for silica fabrics (for high temperature pads).
  • Laminated foils, i.e. aluminium foil, aluminized polyester foil (Mylar), aluminium transfer foil and stainless steel foil to increase the reflectivity of the product.